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Jaya Tiasa Group began as a downstream wood processing company in 1987. During the years when our timber operations were able to sustain the group, we diversified into palm oil business in 2002. That diversification served us well and today we are one of Malaysia’s preferred producers of renewable and sustainable quality oil palm and wood based products.

Our total land bank for oil palm plantations is over 83 thousands hectares in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia. As at 30 June 2018, the Group’s planted areas stood at 69,589 hectares (Ha) spreading over 10 plantations in Sarawak. Our matured area stood at 67,446 Ha, and the weighted average age of our trees is 9 years. Further, we have four (4) CPO mills in operation, all strategically located and are able to process 1,782,000MT per annum of FFB.

Our main timber products include logs, veneer, and plywood. Our timber products are delivered to several major markets in the world. Most of our customers are loyal clients who have established long-term relationship and trust in us, a criterion which we believe is essential to maintain our track record besides seeking to penetrate new markets.

Korea was our key export market for our timber products in the last financial year. Demand from the country especially for plywood and veneer remains robust despite the challenging economy and competition in supply from other regions. Our other important markets for our timber products include Japan, India, China / Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

We have scaled down our downstream wood processing activities following a decrease in logs supply due to changes in regulations and our commitment to Sustainable Forest Management Certification. We believe that managing both our operations and resources responsibly and sustainably by operating our factories at the optimal production level using available resources is the key towards long-term growth.

For the purpose of the natural forest management certification, a revised demarcation of the boundary of the Licences for Planted Forest (LPF) and Forest Management Units to remove the overlapping areas was issued by Forest Department Sarawak. Under the said revision, we shall be managing a total of:

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