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FFB yield will continue to rise as more trees are growing into their prime. CPO production will be boosted as a result while expanding vertical integration should contribute positively to the oil palm division in the next financial year. We lay strong emphasis on the importance of our core values and the necessity to adapt to the ever changing and challenging business environment.

Log production will start to improve as we gradually receive permission for log harvesting. We are cautiously optimistic with regards to export log price due to sustained demand from our major markets. Plywood demand is anticipated to improve further with the commencement of Tokyo 2020 Olympics project.

Following the changes from the Financial Reporting Standards framework to the Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards framework for the Group’s financial year ending 30 June 2019, we will start to amortise our biological assets with the amortisation estimated at RM50 million per annum in line with the requirements of MFRS 116 Property, Plant and Equipment and MFRS 141 Biological Assets. Also, a one-off amount estimated at RM300 million will be written off from reserve in line with the change of the accounting framework which requires retrospective adjustments to be made to the retained earnings.

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