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The Environment, Towards Greener Environment

Caring for the environment is a major concern for the Group. We continue to maintain responsible forestry practices and sustainable resource management.

In ensuring environmental sustainability, the Group not only complies with statutory environment laws and regulations but goes beyond this by lowering the environmental impact of its production processes, producing environmentally-conscious products, practicing eco-friendly waste management and exercising environmental conservation by supporting tree planting.

Improving the Forest for the Future

We have developed responsible environmental management practices at each of our timber concession areas and oil palm estates.

For instance, we practise internationally recognised Reduced Impact Logging (“RIL”) techniques in our harvesting operations, which ensure minimal damage to residual stands and the surrounding areas. These practices reduce the effects of our activities on the environment and are prevalent in the day-to-day operations of the Company. This practice ensures continued benefit for our future generations as it leaves the environment in good condition.

NOTE: RIL is a technique that minimises damage to the residual stands and soil. Additionally, it is also a procedure that improves utilisation of timber resources and reduces waste through forest inventory and planning from pre-harvesting to post-harvesting.

Responsible Oil Palm Plantation

The Group’s oil palm division continues to monitor procedures and systems to ensure that good agronomic practices are prevalent throughout the plantation. Among the various practices adopted by the Group’s estates are zero burning land clearing techniques and good agricultural practices in water management, manuring and weeding.

In managing pest control, our biological and integrated pest management practice which involves light traps and planting of beneficial plants, has vastly reduced dependency on the usage of chemical pesticides.

Providing Environmentally Friendly Products

The Group advocates responsible forest management concepts and appreciates the value of products manufactured from timber of legal sources.

In short, we do...
1. We practise Reduced Impact Logging ("RIL") techniques to reduce environmental damage.
2. Zero burning land clearing technique & good agricultural practices in water management, mourning and weeding.
3. Reduction on the use of chemical pesticides.
4. Advocation of responsible forest management concepts & appreciates the value of products manufactureud from timber of legal sources. Certifications obtained.
5. Invested in biomass power plants for a cleaner environment.
6. Preserving the environment reforestation.

A reflection of the Group’s commitment towards this is manifested in its efforts to obtain certifications under different standards.

Jaya Tiasa Plywood Sdn Bhd and Rimbunan Hijau Plywood Sdn Bhd at Tanjung Ensurai, both obtained the CE Marking and the Japanese Agriculture Standard (“JAS”) certifications.

During the FY2009, we are delighted to announce that we passed all the surveillance audits for both certifications.

In addition to that, our factories, namely Jaya Tiasa Plywood Sdn Bhd and Jaya Tiasa Timber Products Sdn Bhd have been awarded with the Wood Packaging Material Treatment Providers Certifications by the Department of Agriculture, Sarawak. The certification validates that the wood packaging treatment facilities of our factories complies with the Sarawak Department of Agriculture Plant Protection and Quarantine Branch conditions for wood packaging material treatment in accordance with the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No.15 (ISPM 15).

Another highlight of the year was the Group’s plywood that successfully obtained California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification on 30 October 2008. This certification verifes that our composite wood product (hardwood plywood) meets the formaldehyde emission limits stipulated in the California Code of Regulations. With this certification, consumers can be rest assured of the safety aspects of our product.

Renewable Energy, Green and Clean

The Group has always been conscientious of the environment and had since 1996 erected biomass power plants that convert wood waste into fuel for use in our mills as a source of renewable energy. This effectively allows us to maximise the value of our wood resources at all our mills and processing plants whilst minimising waste produce for a cleaner environment. The energy generated by our biomass power plants sufficiently supplies electricity for the consumption of our factories, offices and workers’ quarters hence lowering energy costs.



Greening initiative

The establishment of well-managed forest plantations of the Group aims to support the Government’s reforestation program that ensures continuous replenishment of the wood resources as well as conserves biodiversity and protects the environment.

Rapid growing forest plantation requires shorter rotation period and thus produce more rapidly than natural forest to adequately meet the wood demand on a sustainable basis and regenerate the habitat for fora and fauna.

We are well aware of the dire consequences of global warming and therefore, preserving the environment has always been our top agenda.

By regenerating forests through reforestation, we hope to contribute towards reducing the effect of global warming as forests absorb noticeable amounts of carbon dioxide which is one of the greenhouse gases that increases the temperature around the globe.

Ongoing forest plantation project of the Group is being carried out in Kapit, Sarawak and we are developing a total area of over 236,000 ha.


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