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Forest Operations
Improving the Forest for the Future

The Jaya Tiasa Group is strongly committed to the principles of Sustainable Forest Management:

  • Socially compatible;
  • Ecologically and environmentally sound and;
  • Economically viable

We have developed responsible environmental management practices at each of our timber concession areas as outlined in the long-term objectives of our Forest Management Plan. The plan is well-supported by an adequate and continuous forest inventory management, and subsequent sustainable timber harvesting is practised strictly in compliance with the Forest Timber License issued by the governing authority.

For instance, we practise internationally recognised Reduced Impact Logging (“RIL”) techniques in our harvesting operations, including attention to detail road infrastructure planning, operational harvesting plans, directional felling methods and other elements of RIL, to ensure minimal impact to the residual stands and the surrounding areas.

These practices are prevalent in the day-to-day operations of our Company and they, coupled with ever improving planning methods and our well trained staffs, will help reduce the effects of our harvesting activities on the environment. We strongly believe that by adopting these practices, our future generations shall continue to enjoy the economic benefits from the timber resources with minimum negative effect to the environment's biodiversity.

Note: RIL is a technique adopted by our trained staffs that minimizes damage to the residual stands and soil. Additionally, it is also a procedure that improves utilization of timber resources and reduces waste through forest inventory and planning from pre-harvesting to post harvesting.


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