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Reforestation (Greening)
Greening initiative

The establishment of well-managed forest plantations of the Group aims to support the Government’s reforestation program that ensures continuous replenishment of the wood resources as well as conserves biodiversity and protects the environment.

Rapid growing forest plantation requires shorter rotation period and thus produce more rapidly than natural forest to adequately meet the wood demand on a sustainable basis and regenerate the habitat for fora and fauna.

We are well aware of the dire consequences of global warming and therefore, preserving the environment has always been our top agenda.

By regenerating forests through reforestation, we hope to contribute towards reducing the effect of global warming as forests absorb noticeable amounts of carbon dioxide which is one of the greenhouse gases that increases the temperature around the globe.

Ongoing forest plantation project of the Group is being carried out in Kapit, Sarawak and we are developing a total area of over 236,000 ha.


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