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To meet future challenges and remain competitive, we have to be perceived as an attractive employer with the ability to recruit, develop, and retain the best people. Competent employees with great dedication to drive change and go beyond what is required to deliver on Group strategy and performance objectives are crucial to the continued growth of our business. We seek to develop our employees through training and education, respect individual integrity and human rights, offer fair pay and advancement opportunities, and maintain a safe and motivating working environment. As at 30 June, 2017, the Group has a workforce of more than 7,100 employees with a diverse mix of backgrounds, experience and expertise across its operations.


Skills Development

The Group aims to provide a supportive working environment in which all employees receive training relevant to their work to enable them to effectively perform their duties as well as prepare them for career progression. Apart from in-house training, our employees are encouraged to attend the Group’s sponsored external seminars and workshops to keep them updated with the latest developments in the respective subjects and profession. Field training is also organised frequently to upgrade the technical and functional skills of workers at the operating units. The Training and Development Department (TDD) has been active all year round with adequate fund allocated to ensure the Group has people with the required knowledge and skills in key roles to meet the Group’s business goal. With TDD, each employee’s need for professional development and further training is determined to help employees fulfill their career aspirations in the Group.


Performance-oriented Culture

We make every effort to create a working environment that stimulates employee engagement and nurtures a high performing culture. Regular performance appraisals and evaluations are carried out to enable due rewards for high performers and promote motivation and performance upgrading for the rest. We review compensation and benefits on a regular basis to ensure that our remuneration packages are competitive in the marketplace. In addition to a fixed base salary, we offer both short- and long-term incentives to further motivate staff at every level, and the success of our approach is reflected in the low staff turnover rate.


Work-life Balance & Healthy Living

Our corporate mantra to be “an employer of choice” is evident in our drive to develop and maintain a balanced, healthy, and conducive work environment for continuous learning and personal growth. Through the Group’s sports and recreation club, we regularly organise recreational events and sports activities aimed at promoting rapport and fostering closer teamwork among employees as well as to encourage work-life balance and healthy living. These include educational trips to the Group’s operations, annual dinners, festive gatherings, sporting competitions, donations, staff overseas trip and others. To generate health awareness among staffs, the Group coordinates with different bodies to give different types of health screening services at special rate for our employees. In addition, we invest in workforce welfare by providing quality environment and accompanying facilities and building of quarters, playgrounds, recreational and medical facilities, which cater to the estate and mill workers.


Health & Safety at Work

Occupational safety in the workplace continues to be a non-negotiable priority of the Group. During the year under review, we maintained our commitment to enforce workplace health and safety excellence not just for our employees but also for our contractors, customers and visitors. We are working continuously to reduce the number of work-related accidents and injuries and to prioritize preventive efforts, particularly in the areas where the challenge is greatest. To achieve our goal, a series of in-house training programmes on safety and health have been conducted with the assistance of external experts. Emergency exercises including fire-fighting drills are practised. We ensure that appropriate resources and support are accessible to maintain high standards of safety and cultivate a positive safety culture and awareness. Our Safety & Health Department was active throughout the year under review by conducting frequent quality audits and safety checks at individual sites to ensure that all safety requirements and precautions were strictly observed.


Workforce Diversity Policy

We do not have a policy on workforce diversity of gender, ethnicity and age. However, we are committed to provide fair opportunity to all existing and prospective employees and to promote a climate of diversity and inclusiveness via our nondiscriminatory recruitment processes. We value, respect and leverage the unique contributions of people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to provide exceptional service to an equally diverse community.

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