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We at Jaya Tiasa support communities in many ways. We contribute significant funding and other resources towards enhancing the social well-being of the community through supporting initiatives related to health care, arts and culture, sports, community development, the underprivileged, disability groups, and more.


Giving Back To Society

We encourage our employees to participate in community and charitable activities. Over the last 12 months, our efforts included charity drives for the autistic society and old folks’ home. In support of the Methodist Care Centre (MCC)’s efforts to provide work for people with special needs, the Group contributed new automated sealing machines to seal packaging materials. Intellectually challenged youths who have completed an employment training programme from the centre have the opportunities to work as packaging operators at MCC. We also made financial donation to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF), the worldwide leader in funding research to cure or improve the lives of people with (type 1) diabetes. In addition to this area of focus, our blood donation drives are conducted yearly to meet the continuous need for blood supplies at hospitals and blood banks. This year, we are proud to be one of the winners in a blood donation competition organised by the Malaysian Red Crescent. In addition, we also received the award of the “Most Outstanding Performance of Blood Donation.”


Supporting Local Community

The Group strongly believes that its business success can only be sustained when local communities grow and prosper together with the Group. The Group continues to support the local communities associated with its operations, and FY2011 was no exception. We have established a symbiotic relationship with local communities and make every endeavour to bring about mutual benefits. We have been consistently rendering support by means of monetary terms and in-kind to ensure that the basic needs and expectations of the surrounding communities are attended to. From offering job opportunities to providing basic necessities and infrastructure, we have contributed in a significant way to help raise the living standards of native communities. This year, the Group made a monetary contribution to a community outreach programme conducted at Pulau Bruit in Daro district. The programme was organised by Kuching Specialist Hospital with the aim of providing free medical services including dental and eye examinations to about 6,000 residents of 16 villages residing in the remote island.

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