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We place great importance on high standards of quality in our products, ethical business conduct and are conscious of safeguarding environmental and social values. We are committed to cultivate the best practices in complying with all laws and regulations as well as and the standards of all certification for the markets we serve.


Environmentally Responsible Products

It is our ongoing policy to ensure that our products and their sources comply with all regulatory criteria and adhere strictly to sustainable forestry and plantation practices. Research shows that competitiveness is strengthened as consumers increasingly choose products they perceive as “ethical” and “environmental-friendly.” We have established strong customer loyalty as we strive to ensure that our manufactured products are of the highest quality that meets the stringent quality assurance and control, product safety standards, and environmental requirements. A reflection of the Group’s commitment towards this is manifested in its efforts to achieve green certification for its products which include:

  • Wood Packaging Material Treatment Providers certification

Our wood packaging material has been awarded the certification that aims to reduce the spread of timber pests associated with solid timber packing material. It is issued by the Sarawak Department Agriculture Plant Protection and Quarantine Branch in accordance with International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures, Publication No.15 (ISPM 15) standards.

In the financial year 2017, we continued our sustainability journey by passing the surveillance audits for the above certification. The group is committed to work towards continuous improvement in the quality of its products and services through implementation of feedback from our customers, suppliers and employees together with internal and external audits. We believe that we have an obligation to go beyond certification and compliance and invest in continued improvements.


Highest Principles Of Integrity

Our investor relations programme aims to establish and maintain open communications with shareholders and investors so as to provide timely information and ensure the best possible transparency. We keep the investment communities well-versed with our key business activities, strategies, and performance through annual general meetings, analyst and press briefings and road shows. In addition, our corporate website at www.jayatiasa.net provides the latest financial results, statutory announcements, corporate news, and a wide range of information on the Group. CSR and sustainability are about continuous improvement and we must ensure that this mindset is embedded across the Group. As we progress towards our long-term sustainability goals, the commitments we have made for sustainable operation will continue to benefit the communities in which we operate, both environmentally and socially.


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