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Engaging with our Shareholders and Investors

The Group recognises the importance of maintaining transparency and accountability to the investment community and is thus committed to cultivate the best practices in complying with all laws and regulations and maintaining the highest Corporate Governance standards.

Our carefully planned investor relations programme aims to establish and maintain open communications with shareholders and investors so as to provide timely information and assure the best possible transparency. We keep the market and investors well versed with our key business activities, strategies and performance through general meetings, briefings and road shows.

In addition, our website also provides a wide range of information on the Group.

Responsibility to our Customers

As one of the key players in the global timber industry, we have an extensive list of customers.

Strong customer loyalty has brought us long-term support from those who are impressed by our expertise, values and services. We place great emphasis on customer feedback as we deem it to be an important element in ensuring continuous improvements of our products, services and processes.

Going forward, Jaya Tiasa intends to stay the course and fulfil our corporate social obligations by continuously performing good CSR initiatives.


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