Biogas For Cleaner Environment

Jaya Tiasa’s wholly owned subsidiary, TJT Oil Palm Development Sdn Bhd (JTOP), has started its first Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project by signing a biogas CDM agreement with GenPower Carbon Solutions LP (GPCS).

This agreement would ensure the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and create clean and renewable energy. The agreement was signed by JTH Group Managing Director, Dato’ Sri Tiong Chiong Hoo and jointly by GPCS Chief Executive Officer, Mr Guillermo Espiga and Director, Origination, Mr Rupam Raja. With this agreement, JTOP would provide the “site” while GPCS would provide the equipment to trap the greenhouse gas emission there. The trapped gas would then be converted to clean and renewable fuel for the CPO mill.

Espiga (left) and JTH Plantation Operations GM, Jin Kee Mou, displaying the signed CDM agreements