The Workplace

The Workplace

Jaya Tiasa truly believes that people are the most important asset to help us attain our objectives. The continued growth of our business relies on the Group’s ability to attract, motivate and retain the best talent with appropriate skills at every level. We provide our employees career advancement opportunities, fair and equitable remuneration and a safe and motivating work environment.

Continuous Training and Skills Enhancement

We have always been consistent in helping our employees achieve their fullest potential by equipping them with the necessary skills via specialised training. Apart from organising in-house training, our employees are also encouraged to attend the Group’s sponsored external courses.

In our logging division, forest workers are sent for training provided by the Sarawak Timber Association. Upon completion of different ongoing courses such as tree felling, log extraction and log loading, the workers are expected to be more competent in their tasks.

In our oil palm division, we have a training team that plans various courses and modules pertaining to technical knowledge, management and skills reinforcement in managing oil palm crops. In further enhancing their practical knowledge and field exposure, our plantation personnel are given the opportunity to attend numerous plantation workshops and seminars to better familiarise them with the plantation industry.

Oil Palm Plantation Operations Training
Oil Palm Plantation Operations Training

Fair Pay and Performance Oriented Culture

We have been compliant with the National Minimum Wages Order since it was first introduced by the Malaysian government in 2012. We ensure that all employees are adequately compensated for their work and that wage payments are made in a timely manner and are clearly acknowledged by the workers.

In addition to the typical employee benefits, we also provide annual bonuses, medical and insurance coverages and EPF to eligible employees. Regular performance appraisals and evaluations are carried out to ensure high performing employees are rewarded and also, to promote motivation and performance upgrading for the rest.

Receiver of award for orderly EPF contributions from KWSP

Work-Life Balance and Healthy Living

Our corporate mantra to be “an employer of choice” is evident in our drive to develop and maintain a balanced, fair, collaborative, healthy and conducive work environment for continuous learning and personal growth.

The Group goes to great lengths to ensure that the mental and physical well-being of its employees is well cared for through encouragement in participation in social programmes, sports and recreational activities. These activities are aimed at promoting rapport and fostering closer teamwork among employees as well as to encourage work-life balance and healthy living.

The Group also promotes staff appreciation efforts like our annual dinners, birthday celebrations, festive gatherings and family events.

In addition, we invest in workforce welfare by providing quality environment and accompanying facilities, building of quarters, playgrounds as well as recreational and medical facilities, which cater to the estate and mill-workers.

Committed to Health and Safety at Work

We are committed to enforcing workplace health and safety excellence not just for our employees but also for our customers and visitors.

We are constantly improving safety standards and our goal is to have a casualty-free workplace.

We provide regular training to enable our employees understand the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) 1994 and also to instil safety awareness.

Occupational Safety & Health Awareness (OSHA) training held in-house for staff
Occupational Safety & Health Awareness (OSHA) training held in-house for staff
OSH-Coordinator program to train selected staff to be OSH Coordinators
Safety & Health Meetings at the sites
Covid-19 Awareness Briefings at the sites
Accident Prevention Training

Emergency exercises, including fire-fighting drills, are regularly conducted.

To further support this, we have appointed trained and qualifed safety officers who conduct frequent quality audits and safety checks at individual sites to ensure that all safety requirements and precautions are strictly observed.

Site audit by DOSH officers