Effective Fertilizer Management On Peat Training

A one-day in-house training titled “Effective Fertilizer Management on Peat” was held on 19 January 2018 at the Sibu Head Office. The aim of the training was to impart to the attendees the knowledge and techniques in the management of fertilizers.

The following topics were covered in the training: –
1. Physico-chemical properties and nutrient interactions in tropical peat
2. Role of macro and micro nutrients and their deficiency symptoms
3. Foliar sampling procedure and critical leaf nutrient levels.
4. Soil sampling procedure and evaluation of soil fertility status
5. Types of fertilizers for peat
6. Fertilizer requirements for nursery seedlings, immature and mature palms in peat
7. Fertilizer delivery, effective fertilizer storage and fertilizer sampling procedure
8. Preparations for effective fertilizer application, timing of field application and importance of good field supervision
9. Importance of good water management to maximize fertilizer use efficiency and FFB production on peat.

Effective Fertilizer Management training for the plantation staff