Managing Misconducts, Poor Performance & Domestic Inquiry Training

A “Managing Misconducts, Poor Performance & Domestic Inquiry” training was recently conducted by an external trainer, Dr. S. Selvanathan, for two batches of the Group’s employees at the JTH Training Center from 7th – 9th September 2020. The attendees were from the Group’s Sibu Head Office, the factories, the CPO mills and the oil palm estates. Also joining in the training were several personnel from Oriental Evermore Sdn Bhd and RHHQ. The details of the training dates held are as follows: –

1) Batch 1 (7 & 8 September 2020) – “Managing Misconducts, Poor Performance & Domestic Inquiry”
2) Batch 2 (9 September 2020) – “Managing Misconducts & Poor Performance at the Workplace”

The training focuses on the Sarawak Labour Ordinance and the practical application of the different aspects of the law.

Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to:
• Learn the importance of misconducts and performance management;
• Set objectives, targets and initiate action plans;
• Conduct performance appraisal effectively;
• Learn and apply the job related aspect of discipline;
• Understand the prerequisites of a domestic inquiry (on 8 Sep 2020 only);
• Conduct domestic inquiry/due inquiry with confidence and in accordance with the law (on 8 Sep 2020 only).