Pests and Diseases Census Training

A one-day “Pests and Diseases (P&D) Census” training was held on Monday 11 September 2017 at the Groups’ auditorium in Sibu. The training was conducted mainly for P&D staff from the oil palm estates but several staff from the Sibu head office also attended. The training is indicative of the Group’s ongoing efforts to upgrade its workers’ skills and knowledge.

The following topics were covered in the training: –
1. Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
2. Palm Row Numbering and palm census system
3. Identification of termite infestation and control
4. Identification of Tirathaba bunch moth infestation and control
5. Identification of rhinoceros beetle infestation and control
6. Identification of rat infestation and control
7. Identification of leaf-eating caterpillars and bagworm infestation and control
8. Identification of abnormal palms
9. Management of leaning and fallen palms
10. Black bunch census for FFB yield forecasting