SEHATi On-Site Health Screening

On October 10, 2023, the JTH Group collaborated with KPJ for an onsite health screening at the Sibu Office for the Health Screening Program (HSP) under PERKESO. This program offers free health screenings for employees aged 40 to 59 years old.

In-House Blood Test Screening

Taking care of the welfare of its staff remains one of the Group’s CSR priorities. On Monday, June 30, 2014, specially discounted blood test screenings were organized and conducted in-house for the Group’s staff and their family members. Although participation is voluntary, a considerable number of staff turned up for the screenings. Following the tests, […]

Special Blood Test Rate for Jaya Tiasa Staff

As a part of the Group’s continuous commitment to the well-being of its staff, special arrangements were established with a reputable local private provider of diagnostic laboratory services. This allowed Jaya Tiasa staff to undergo their blood tests at a significantly reduced rate compared to the standard price.