Wood Based

Wood Based Products

Round Logs

One of Jaya Tiasa’s principal activities includes the distribution of high quality round logs. Our logs are sold to several major markets in the world, with India being our largest buyer in the reporting financial year 2023, constituting 84% of our logs export market, followed by Japan (16%). Our customers were mostly longtime loyal clients who had maintained good relationship with us and trusted in our quality product, the criteria the Group has always sought to cherish to maintain our logs export market.

Jaya Tiasa has access to a huge area of timber concession, 11 times the size of Singapore, or about 12 percent of the production forest of Sarawak.

Round Logs

Popular Species
Meranti, Kapur, Keruing, Selangan Batu, Arau, Mersawa, Melapi, Jelutong, Nyatoh, Agathis, Sepetir, Keranji, Resak, Penyau, Bindang, MLH

Available Sizes
Regular, Small & Super Small

Grade Specification
MQ & Up

Location of timber concessions
Sarawak, Malaysia

Sustainable Forest Management

Our objective for our logging division is the same as for our principal business in oil palm division where we adopt responsible and sustainable agricultural practices to positively impact the economy, environment and social development as well as deliver better returns to our shareholders.

Driven by this objective, we have undertaken Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) practices to meet global concerns and expectations in managing the forest with greater emphasis on environmental protection and conservation of biological diversity.


Our commitment to expand our forest planted area with fastgrowing tree species such as Eucalyptus Deglupta (Kamarere), Eucalyptus Pellita, Albizia Falcataria (Batai) and Kelampayan remains unchanged. We will continue to explore new and innovative ideas in our endeavour towards conserving forests for the shared prosperity of humankind and providing a steady supply of logs in a sustainable manner through Reforestation.