Donation to Security Personnel

The Security Division continues to prioritize the welfare of its security team, as evidenced by the following initiatives:

  1. The Security Department provided a donation of RM300 to Abang Zhafri Syazuan Bin Abang Sepani, who was involved in a traffic accident and hospitalized for a month.
  2. A contribution of RM300 was handed over to Henry Anak Umang, a security member based at Sibu HQ, who was admitted to the hospital on 21 February 2024.
  3. A donation of RM5,000 was made to assist the family of our former security guard stationed at Lassa 2, Mohammad Bin Haidir, who passed away on 28 February 2024.
  4. On 14 March 2024, a donation of RM300 was given to Sarfi Bin Saufee, a security guard at Salim Warehouse, who was hospitalized.
Donation to Security personnel from own fellow security colleagues