End-User Training on OPMS Manuring and Weeding Modules

The Business Solutions and Training & Development Departments collaborated to organize an in-house training session titled “End-User Training on Manuring & Weeding.” The training was conducted over one and a half days, divided into two sessions, to accommodate the participants from the Oil Palm Plantation Operations and estates. The training took place at the JTH Training Room and aimed to provide participants with a hands-on experience in using the new Oil Palm Management System (OPMS).

The primary goal of the training was to ensure that the participants were comfortable with the new system and could use it effectively in their daily work. The training covered essential topics such as OPMS basics, its features and functionalities, and the benefits of using it in their daily operations.

The training was interactive and engaging, with practical exercises, demonstrations, and group discussions. Participants were encouraged to share their experiences and challenges, and the trainers provided expert guidance and support. The training materials, including manuals and handouts, were prepared in advance and distributed to the participants.

The trainers were experienced professionals from the Business Solutions Department, who being developers of the OPMS system, had in-depth knowledge of the OPMS and its functionalities. They were able to deliver the training effectively, and the participants responded positively to the program.

In summary, the “End-User Training on Manuring & Weeding” was a success. The participants gained valuable knowledge and practical experience in using the new OPMS, which will help to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the organization. The training also provided a networking opportunity for the participants to share their knowledge and expertise with their colleagues.