Implementing 5S at Palm Oil Mill

The Group’s Daro Jaya CPO Mill hosted a two-day intensive training program titled “Implementing 5S at Palm Oil Mill” from 22 to 23 February 2023. Mr. IR Ramendram Ulaganathan, a 5S techniques expert from Mahagamy Consultancy and Advisory, led the training program. The participants included staff members from four mills who were eager to learn about fundamental 5S techniques and their practical applications in the workplace.

The training program was designed to teach participants how to apply the 5S concept in their workplace to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety. The participants learned how to sort and eliminate unnecessary items, set necessary items in order for easy access and use, shine and maintain cleanliness, standardize procedures and guidelines, and sustain the practices over time.

The training was interactive and hands-on, with practical exercises, demonstrations, and group discussions. The participants were given the opportunity to practice the techniques they learned during the training program. The training materials, including manuals and handouts, were prepared in advance and distributed to the participants.

The program emphasized creating a cleaner, more organized, and safer working environment. The 5S techniques taught in the training program can be applied in any workplace setting, whether in the office or production floor.

Overall, the “Implementing 5S at Palm Oil Mill” training program was highly effective. The participants gained valuable knowledge and skills that they can apply in their daily work to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety. The program also provided an opportunity for the participants to network and share their experiences and best practices with each other. The training program will help to establish a culture of continuous improvement in the mills, leading to improved overall performance and profitability.