Jaya Tiasa Hosts First Sarawak Auxiliary Police Meeting Cum Dialogue

On 22ndMarch 2017, the Group hosted the first ever Sarawak Auxiliary police meeting cum dialogue at RH Hotel Sibu. The event’s agenda was to discuss and to find improvement in the performances and disciplinary records of the auxiliary police. It was attended by about 80 personnel from all the 60 units throughout the state of Sarawak.

The opening address was delivered by the Group’s CEO Dato’ Wong Sie Young who emphasized the need to improve our performances and contributions to the Royal Malaysia Police. He also advocated the continuation of such meetings to enhance better understanding of relevant laws, issues, and networking.

The meeting was conducted by YDH Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Shafiee Bin Ismail, Head of Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department, Sarawak. Also present was YDH Assistant Commissioner of Polis Saiful Bahri Bin Abdullah, Officer-In-Charge of Police District Sibu.

The event ended at about 1 pm after which guests and participants were treated to lunch.