Donation to Bawang Assan Schools

The Group donated plywood and sawn timber to two schools, SMK Bawang Assan and SK Bawang Assan, on 17 March 2017 for the repair of their dilapidated classrooms, student hostel, beds and tables.

Pic: The handover of the plywood to the principal of SMK Bawang Assan Mr. Lau Siah Teck (center) and the school's board member by the JTP2/RHP Factory Manager Mr. Wong Kah Sung who was accompanied by personnel Payroll & Accounts Executive Mr. Wong Kah Siew, Distribution Supervisor Mr. Wong Shu Ong, Steam Engineer Mr. Erik Tiong Hock Wei and HR & Admin. Executive Mr. Chew Pang Huat.